Where can I find pricing on your material /can I buy directly from Green City?

You can find all the information and pricing by calling our phone number, or go to our local store and directly talk to one of our sales representative to further information. If you would like to get an estimate, please feel free to contact us. Our estimators will arrange an appointment with you for further estimate.

How should I clean my floor?

Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly in order to keep abrasives such as sand and dirt from damaging your floor. Never use wax, oil-based detergents or any other household cleaners to clean your pre-finished flooring. This may dull the finish. Instead, use cleaning agents specially formulated for use on prefinished hardwood floors. Please read the Care and Maintenance Guide in detail found under the Maintenance Guides section.

Can I glue the flooring to the substrate?

Solid hardwood flooring cannot be glued to the substrate. Appalachian Engineered flooring can be glued down. Detailed instructions are found in the Engineered Flooring Installation Guide.

What kind of subfloor do I need to install my Appalachian hardwood flooring?

Installing solid hardwood flooring requires a 5/8” thick plywood subfloor or 3/4″ thick OSB paneling. Engineered flooring can also be installed directly on a concrete slab. recommend the use of either plywood or flooring grade O.S.B. Please verify the in detail in the installation guides prior to installing which situation applied to your construction.

Can I install Appalachian Flooring in the basement?

Solid hardwood flooring must not be installed below grade or in the basement. Appalachian Engineered flooring can be installed below grade and in basements.

Do I have to acclimate the flooring before installation?
Yes it is absolutely necessary to acclimate the flooring for 72 hours prior to installing the flooring. This should be done in the room where the flooring will be installed at a relative humidity of 40-50% at a temperature of 65-75 F.
How long, after installation, do I have to wait before I can walk on the floor?
If your Appalachian flooring was nailed or stapled down you can walk on it right away after the installation.  If your floor has been floated or glued down then you must let the floor cure for the time recommended by the glue manufacturer.
What is the difference between Solid flooring and Engineered and Laminate?

Solid wood floors can react to the environment in which it is placed if a humidifer and dehumidier are not used to control the humidity between 40 -60% . In the winter heating months, the moisture content of the wood reduces causing the floor to contract or leave small gaps between each board. In the summer months when humidity enters the wood, it will cause the wood to expand and if there is too much moisture, it can cause the floor to cup.

Solid wood floors are most commonly installed by nailing down to a wood subfloor.

Engineered wood floors refer to products that have multiple layers of wood veneer glued and pressed together. The Most common Hardwood Flooring thicknesses are  and widths are. Engineered wood floors have layers aof wood veneer that are cross-laminated for dimensional stability. These floors will be less affected by moisture than solid wood floors. Engineered wood floors can be installed on grade, below grade, or above grade – virtually – any room in the home. Engineered wood floors have several options of installing; nail down, staple down, glue down, and some can even be floated.

Engineered wood floors are made completely from wood unlike Laminate. Laminate- core of product is typically made of High Density Fiber (HDF). The top layer is a photographic layer that should appear identical to the product it replicates, be it wood, vinyl, tile, etc.